Title 6 - Criminal Procedures

Chapter 1. Complaint

Sec. 101. Complaint
Sec. 102. Time limit for commencing criminal prosecution

Chapter 2. Arrests

Sec. 201. Arrest
Sec. 202. Arrest warrants
Sec. 203. Notification of rights at time of arrest
Sec. 204. Summons in lieu of arrest warrant
Sec. 205. Appearance of arrested person - use of two-way electronic audio-video communication
Sec. 206. Bail schedule

Chapter 3. Searches

Sec. 301. Search warrant
Sec. 301-A. Search warrants issued by tele-phone
Sec. 302. Execution and return of search warrant
Sec. 303. Search without a warrant
Sec. 304. Disposition of seized property
Sec. 305. Exclusion of unlawfully obtained evidence
Sec. 306. Investigative stop and frisk.

Chapter 4. Arraignment and Release

Sec. 401. Arraignment
Sec. 402. Release before final judgment of conviction
Sec. 402-A. Violation of release condition - forfeiture
Sec. 403. Withdrawal of guilty plea
Sec. 404. Notification of escape or release from confinement

Chapter 5. Trial Proceedings

Sec. 501. Rights of defendant in criminal cases
Sec. 501-A. Speedy Trial 
Sec. 502. Issuance of subpoenas
Sec. 503. Service of subpoenas
Sec. 504. Failure to obey subpoena
Sec. 505. Witness expenses
Sec. 506. Trial procedure
Sec. 507. Right to jury trial
Sec. 508. Expert Witness Reliance on Records Produced by law Enforcement  investigations and provisions for telephone Court testifying
Sec. 509. Absence of defendant from trial
Sec. 510. Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Sec. 511. Enhanced punishment
Sec. 512. Offenses subject to greater than 1-year imprisonment or a fine greater than $5,000.

Chapter 6. Sentences

Sec. 601. Sentences
Sec. 602. Probation
Sec. 603. Forfeiture of Weapons
Sec. 604. Notification of right of appeal

Chapter 7. Probation and Parole

Sec. 701. Establishment of Department of Tribal Probation and Parole.
Sec. 702. Organization of the Department.
Sec. 703. Definitions
Sec. 704. Powers of the Department of Adult Probation
Sec. 705. Juvenile Probation Officers
Sec. 706. Declaration of purpose and policy
Sec. 707. Penalty upon revocation of probation or parole
Sec. 708. Violation of a condition of probation
Sec. 709. Probation revocation hearing
Sec. 710. Duties of the Adult Probation and Parole Officer
Sec. 711. Eligibility for parole
Sec. 712. Parole hearing
Sec. 713. Granting parole
Sec. 714. Penalty for violation of a condition of parole
Sec. 715. Parole revocation hearing

Chapter 8 Sex Offender and Violent Offender Registration Ordinance

Sec. 801. Title
Sec. 802. Purpose
Sec. 803. Creation of registries
Sec. 804. Definitions
Sec. 805. Covered offenses
Sec. 806. Tier 1 offenses
Sec. 807. Tier 2 offenses
Sec. 808. Tier 3 offenses
Sec. 809. General requirements
Sec. 810. Criminal history
Sec. 811. Date of birth
Sec. 812. DNA sample
Sec. 813. Driver's licenses, identification cards, passports, and immigration documents
Sec. 814. Employment information
Sec. 815. Finger and palm prints
Sec. 816. Internet identifiers
Sec. 817. Name
Sec. 818. Phone numbers
Sec. 819. Picture
Sec. 820. Physical description
Sec. 821. Professional licensing information
Sec. 822. Residence address
Sec. 823. School
Sec. 824. Social Security number
Sec. 825. Temporary lodging
Sec. 825-A. International travel
Sec. 825-B. Registration of transient offenders.
Sec. 826. Offense information
Sec. 827. Vehicle information
Sec. 828. Frequency, duration and reduction
Sec. 829. Requirements for in-person appearances
Sec. 830. Where registration is required
Sec. 831. Timing of registration
Sec. 832. Retroactive registration
Sec. 833. Keeping registration current
Sec. 834. Failure to appear for registration and absconding
Sec. 835. Website
Sec. 836. Required and prohibited information
Sec. 837. Community notification
Sec. 838. Immunity
Sec. 839. Crimes and civil sanctions
Sec. 840. Powers of the SORNA compliance officer
Sec. 841-849 Reserved
Sec. 850. Registration of violent offenders

Chapter 9. Expungement and Pardon
     Subchapter 1: Expungement
     Sec. 901. Expungement
     Sec. 902. Expungement procedure
     Subchapter 2: Pardon
     Sec. 906-910

Chapter 10. Fort Peck Wellness Court Programs

Sec. 1001. Purpose
Sec. 1002. Definitions
Sec. 1003. Jurisdiction
Sec. 1004. Rules of evidence
Sec. 1005. Wellness Court procedures

Chapter 11. Traffic Court Procedure

Sec. 1101. Purpose
Sec. 1102. Traffic Court Proceedings
Sec. 1103. Presumption of Innocence and Burden of Proof
Sec. 1104. Defendant's Rights in Traffic Court
Sec. 1105. Initial appearance in Traffic Court
Sec. 1106. Forfeiture of Bond in Lieu of Appearance
Sec. 1107. Traffic Court Bench Trials
Sec. 1108. Failure to Appear
Sec. 1109. Sentencing in Traffic Court
Sec. 1110. Appeal
Sec. 1111. Record Of Convictions

Chapter 12. Fort Peck 24/7 Sobriety and Drug Monitoring Program Ordinance

Sec. 1201. Purpose- - Definitions
Sec. 1202. Sobriety and drug monitoring program created.
Sec. 1203. Rulemaking - - testing fee.
Sec. 1204. Authority of Court to order participation in sobriety and drug monitoring program - -imposition of conditions.
Sec. 1205. Violation of conditions of the 24/7 Sobriety Program.

Chapter 13. Surveillance by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Sec. 1301. Definitions.
Sec. 1302. Limitations on use of unmanned aerial vehicle system.
Sec. 1303. Warrant requirements.
Sec. 1304. Exceptions.
Sec. 1305. Prohibited use.
Sec. 1306. No operation during cultural/religious activities.
Sec. 1307. Documentation of unmanned aerial vehicle use.
Sec. 1308. Penalty.