Title 7 - Criminal Offenses

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Chapter 1. General Provisions

Subchapter A. General Provisions

Sec. 101. Reserved.
Sec. 102. Criminal offenses based on voluntary conduct
Sec. 103. States of Mind
Sec. 104. Burden of proof
Sec. 105-109. Reserved

Subchapter B. Defenses

Sec. 110. Ignorance or mistake
Sec. 111. Intoxication
Sec. 112. Mental disease or defect
Sec. 113. Self-defense
Sec. 114. Defense of others
Sec. 115. Defense of property
Sec. 116. Use of deadly force
Sec. 117-119. Reserved

Subchapter C. Inchoate Offenses

Sec. 120. Criminal complicity and solicitation
Sec. 121. Attempts
Sec. 122-123. Reserved

Subchapter D. Reserved

Sec. 130-139. Reserved

Chapter 2. Crimes Against Persons

Subchapter A. Homicide

Sec. 201. Murder
Sec. 202. Manslaughter
Sec. 203. Negligent homicide
Sec. 204. Causing or aiding suicide

Subchapter B. Kidnaping and Related Offenses

Sec. 210. Kidnaping
Sec. 211. Harboring a child
Sec. 212. False imprisonment
Sec. 213. Custodial interference 

Subchapter C. Sexual Trafficking

Sec. 214. Sex trafficking
Sec. 215. Forfeiture of assets aiding in or dervied froma sex trafficking crime
Sec. 216. Victim immunity and affirmitive defense
Sec. 217. Victim access to expungement
Sec. 218. Public-awareness sign

Subchapter D. Sexual Offenses

Sec. 220. Rape
Sec. 221. Statutory rape
Sec. 222. Indecent exposure
Sec. 223. Prostitution and patronizing a prostitute
Sec. 224. Stalking
Sec. 225. Adultery
Sec. 226. Sexual Assault
Sec. 227. Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child
Sec. 228. Sexual Exploitation of a Child
Sec. 229. Failure to register as a sexual offender
Sec. 229-A. Hindrance of sex offender registration
Sec. 229-B. Failure to register as a violent offender

Subchapter E. Assault and Related Offenses

Sec. 230. Aggravated assault
Sec. 231. Simple assault
Sec. 232. Assault with bodily fluid.
Sec. 233. Intimidation
Sec. 234. Criminal Endangerment
Sec. 235. Negligent Endangerment
Sec. 236. Serious bodily or physical injury defined
Sec. 237. Assaults by strangling or suffocating
Sec. 238-239. Reserved

Subchapter F. Crimes Against the Family

Sec. 240. Abuse of a child
Sec. 240-A. Felony abuse of a child
Sec. 240-B. Endangering welfare of children
Sec. 240-C. Reckless assault of a child
Sec. 240-D. Endangering an unborn child - subtance abuse.
Sec. 241. Neglect of a child
Sec. 242. Abandonment of a child
Sec. 243. Reserved
Sec. 244. Partner or Family Member Assualt
Sec. 245. Domestic abuse
Sec. 246. Added punishment for offenses in conjunction with domestic abuse and severe physical domestic abuse
Sec. 247. Duties of law enforcement officer to victim of domestic or family violence; notice to victim upon law enforcement’s arrival to domestic violence situation
Sec. 248. Determination by law enforcement officer of primary aggressor and the power to arrest
Sec. 249. Special domestic violence criminal offense.
Sec. 250. Spousal privileges inapplicable in criminal proceedings involving domestic abuse
Sec. 251. Elder Abuse
Sec. 252-299 Reserved

Chapter 3. Crimes Against Property

Subchapter A. Arson

Sec. 301. Arson
Sec. 302-309 Reserved

Subchapter B. Burglary and Related Offenses

Sec. 310. Burglary
Sec. 311. Criminal trespass
Sec. 312. Criminal damage: aggravated
Sec. 313 -319 Reserved

Subchapter C. Theft and Related Crimes

Sec. 320. Theft
Sec. 321. Robbery
Sec. 322. Criminal mischief
Sec. 323. Injury to public property
Sec. 324. Issuing bad checks
Sec. 325. Unlawful use of a protected archaeological resource
Sec. 326-329 Reserved

Subchapter D. Forgery

Sec. 330. Forgery
Sec. 331-339 Reserved

Subchapter E. Subsidized Tribal Permits and Leases

Sec. 340. Violation of subsidized tribal permits and leases
Sec. 350. Void Liens

Chapter 4. Crimes Against the Public Order

Subchapter A. Explosives and Weapons Offenses

Sec. 401. Carrying concealed dangerous weapon
Sec. 402. Possession of explosives
Sec. 403. Use of dangerous weapons by children
Sec. 404. Unlawful discharge of firearms
Sec. 405. Sale, transportation, possession or placement of a destructive device
Sec. 406. Unauthorized possession of substances with intent to make destructive device
Sec. 407. Forfeiture of weapon or destructive device
Sec. 408. Privacy in communications
Sec. 409. Possession or allowing possession of weapon on school property – exceptions – penalties – seizure and forfeiture or return authorized – definitions.
Sec. 409-A. Possession of stun gun; possession of taser
Sec. 409-B. Carrying a weapon in a prohibited place

Subchapter B. Alcohol, Drugs and Related Offenses

Sec. 410. Unlawful possession of an open vessel containing an intoxicating beverage in a public place
Sec. 410-A. Unlawful possession of intoxicating beverages by those younger than twenty-one years of age
Sec. 411. Unlawful sales, gifts, deliveries or otherwise furnishing alcoholic beverages to or for a minor, or a person who is actually, or visibly, or obviously, or apparently intoxicated
Sec. 411-A Prohibition of serving alcohol between two a.m. and 8 a.m. on commercial properties of Fort Peck Tribal trust land
Sec. 412 Unlawful possession or consumption of tobacco by persons under the age of 18 years
Sec. 412-A Unlawful sales, gifts, deliveries or otherwise furnishing tobacco to or for a minor.
Sec. 413. Unlawful sale of dangerous drugs
Sec. 413-A Unlawful possession of dangerous drugs
Sec. 413-B Unlawful possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell
Sec. 414 Unlawful possession of toxic substances
Sec. 415 Unlawful production or manufacture of dangerous drugs
Sec. 415-A Unlawful possession of precursors to dangerous drugs
Sec. 415-B Possession of firearm in drug related crimes
Sec. 416 Forfeiture of assets aiding in a drug crime
Sec. 417 Illegal to sell, trade, or bargain in drug paraphernalia
Sec. 417-A Imitation drugs.
Sec. 417-B Imitation dangerous drugs - exemptions
Sec. 418 Unauthorized use, possession, dispensing, and acquisition of prescription drugs
Sec. 418-A Unlawful sale, use, abuse, possession of prescription medication.
Sec. 419 Sentencing of Minors: Fort Peck Tribal Wellness Court and ‘cultural diversion programs’

Subchapter C. Offenses Involving Governmental Processes

Sec. 420. Bribery
Sec. 421. Interfering with elections
Sec. 422. Protection of members of the Tribal Executive Board, judges, tribal and federal officers and employees
Sec. 422-A. Protection of government officials, employees and law enforcement officers
Sec. 423. Assault of Law Enforcement Officer or Judicial Officer
Sec. 423-A. Harming a police dog
Sec. 424. Hindering law enforcementS
Sec. 424-A. Fleeing from or eluding law en-forcement officer
Sec. 425. Perjury
Sec. 426. Criminal contempt
Sec. 427. Violation of a Temporary Restraining Order
Sec. 428. Resisting Arrest
Sec. 429. Escape
Sec. 430 Tampering with witnesses or informants
Sec. 431 Threats and other improper influences in official matters
Sec. 432. False and harassing reports to law enforcement officers and emergency provider's
Sec. 433 Impersonation of public servant.

Subchapter D. Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses

Sec. 440 Disorderly Conduct
Sec. 441. Cruelty to animals
Sec. 442. Desecration of tribal flag
Sec. 443. Operating a motorboat while under the influence
Sec. 444. Public urination
Sec. 445. Aggravated disorderly conduct
Sec. 446. Public intoxication
Sec. 447. Loitering
Sec. 448. Noise Violation
Sec. 449. Peeping or spying into dwelling or building by electronic device.

Subchapter E. Gambling

Sec. 450. Gambling
Sec. 451-459. Reserved

Subchapter F. Exploitation of Children

Sec. 460. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
Sec. 461. Failure to support dependent persons
Sec. 462. Failure to send children to school
Sec. 463. Unlawful possession, or acquisition, or consumption of alcoholic or intoxicating beverages by persons under the age of twenty-one
Sec. 464. Misrepresentation of age in connection with alcoholic beverages
Sec. 465. Persons under twenty-one years of age prohibited from entering licensed premises
Sec. 466. Curfew
Sec. 467. Obscenity
Sec. 468-469 Reserved

Subchapter G. Violations of Regulatory Provisions

Sec. 470. Littering
Sec. 471. Sewage and waste disposal facilities
Sec. 472. Restaurants and itinerant restaurants
Sec. 473. Entering closed areas
Sec. 474. False and malicious petitions for involuntary commitment
Sec. 475-479 Reserved

Subchapter H. Obscenity and Related Offenses

Sec. 480. Threatening letters and telephone calls

Subchapter I. Gang Ordinance

Sec. 490. Findings and purposes
Sec. 491. Definitions
Sec. 492. Prohibited activity
Sec. 493. Fort Peck law enforcement authority
Sec. 494. Punishment

Chapter 5. Penalties

Sec. 501 Penalties

Chapter 6. Social Host Ordinance

Sec. 601. Purpose
Sec. 602. Definitions
Sec. 603. Prohibited Acts
Sec. 604. Penalties