Title 10 - Family Code

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Chapter 1. Adoption

Sec. 101. Purpose of adoption
Sec. 102. Definitions (for Section 101-112)
Sec. 103. Who may file adoption petition
Sec. 104. Petition for adoption
Sec. 104-A. Petition for traditional adoption
Sec. 105. Required consents
Sec. 106. Withdrawal of consents
Sec. 107. Investigation report
Sec. 108. Hearing on adoption
Sec. 109. Report and final decree of adoption
Sec. 110. Adoption records
Sec. 111. Contents of adoption order
Sec. 112. Name and legal status of adopted minor
Sec. 113. Confidentiality

Chapter 2. Marriage

Sec. 201. Policy of the Tribes
Sec. 202. Requirements
Sec. 203. Prohibited marriages
Sec. 204. Marriage of person having existing spouse
Sec. 205. Blood test
Sec. 206. Marriage license
Sec. 207. Marriage ceremony
Sec. 208. Jurisdiction
Sec. 209. Indian custom marriage
Sec. 210. Recognition of foreign marriages

Chapter 3. Annulment and Divorce

Sec. 301. Jurisdiction over annulment and divorce cases
Sec. 302. Annulment
Sec. 303. Divorce
Sec. 304. Child custody
Sec. 304-A. Child custody actions outside divorce and annulment proceedings
Sec. 304-B. Enforcement of child support orders
Sec. 304-C. Best interest and welfare of child - Court consideration - Factors
Sec. 305. Division of property
Sec. 306. Alimony
Sec. 307. Paternity
Sec. 308. Temporary alimony and custody awards
Sec. 309. Recognition of foreign divorces and annulments

Chapter 4. Change of Name

Sec. 401. Petition for change of name of natural person
Sec. 402. Order setting hearing date - notice - safety
Sec. 403. Filing objections to change
Sec. 404. Conduct of hearing
Sec. 405. Court order

Chapter 5. Paternity

Sec. 501. Purpose
Sec. 502. Jurisdiction
Sec. 503. Applicability
Sec. 504. General provisions
Sec. 505. Rules of procedure in paternity proceedings.
Sec. 506. Definitions
Sec. 507. Presumption of paternity.
Sec. 508. Good cause not to establish paternity.
Sec. 509. Artificial insemination.
Sec. 510. Agreed paternity order.
Sec. 511. Paternity petition.
Sec. 512. Paternity hearing.
Sec. 513. Evidence relating to paternity.
Sec. 514. Genetic testing.
Sec. 515. Paternity order.
Sec. 516. Disestablishment of presumed paternity.
Sec. 517. Paternity records.
Sec. 518. Paternity established by other jurisdictions.