Title 9 - Youth Code

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Chapter 1. General Provisions

Sec. 101. Jurisdiction
Sec. 102. Definitions

Chapter 2. Youth Offender

Sec. 201. Taking a Youth into Custody prior to a Court Hearing
Sec. 202. Application to Court

Chapter 3. Court Procedures

Sec. 301. Petition
Sec. 302. Screening the Petition
Sec. 303. Initial Hearing
Sec. 303-A Guardian Ad-Litem
Sec. 304. Transfer of Juvenile Proceedings
Sec. 305. Fact-Finding Hearing
Sec. 306. Dispositional Hearings
Sec. 306-A. Transfer of supervisory responsibility to adult court after juvenile disposition
Sec. 307. Right of Appeal
Sec. 308. Periodic review for delinquent youth and youth in need of supervision in approved facilities
Sec. 309. Confidentiality
Sec. 310. Records
Sec. 311 Expungement of Records

Chapter 4. Abused, Neglected, Abandoned or Dependent Youth

Sec. 401. Taking a youth into protective custody
Sec. 402. Taking a youth into non-protective custody
Sec. 403. Notification and application to Court

Chapter 5. Court Procedures

Sec. 501. Petitions
Sec. 502. Screening the petition
Sec. 503. Initial hearing
Sec. 504. Guardian ad-litem
Sec. 505. Fact-finding hearing
Sec. 506. Dispositional procedure
Sec. 506-A Permanency planning
Sec. 506-B. Permanency hearing
Sec. 506-C. Active efforts
Sec. 507. Confidentiality
Sec. 508. Petition for return of abused, neglected, abandoned or dependent youth removed from parent(s) legal guardian or custodian
Sec. 509. Periodic review for abused, neglected, abandoned or dependent youth removed from parent(s), legal guardian or custodian
Sec. 510. Expungement of records

Chapter 6. Report of Abused, Neglected, Abandoned or Dependent Youth

Sec. 601. Obligation to report youth abuse, neglect, dependency and abandonment
Sec. 602. Contents of reports
Sec. 603. Immunity for good faith reports; penalties for reports made in bad faith
Sec. 604. Investigation of reports
Sec. 605. Record keeping
Sec. 606. Confidentiality

Chapter 7. Indian Child Welfare Act Transfers

Sec. 701. Purpose of Indian Child Welfare Act Transfer
Sec. 702. Procedures of transferring the youth to the jurisdiction of the Tribal Court

Chapter 8. Termination of Parent-Youth Relationship

Sec. 801. Purpose of termination of the parent-youth relationship
Sec. 802. Who may file a petition
Sec. 803. Contents of the petition
Sec. 804. Service of petition
Sec. 805. Social study prior to hearing
Sec. 806. Notice
Sec. 807. Hearing
Sec. 808. Order
Sec. 808-A. Criteria for termination of parental rights
Sec. 809. Disposition
Sec. 810. Effects of termination order

Chapter 9. Guardian of Minors

Sec. 901. Status of guardian of minor – how acquired generally – letters to indicate means of appointment
Sec. 902. Consent to jurisdiction by acceptance of appointment
Sec. 903. Testamentary appointment of a guardian of minor – when effective – priorities– notice of appointment
Sec. 904. Recognition of appointment of guardian by foreign will
Sec. 905. Objection by minor twelve or older to testamentary appointment
Sec. 906. Court appointment of guardian of minor – when allowed – priority of  testamentary appointment
Sec. 907. Guardian of a minor by court appointment – qualifications – nominee of minor preferred
Sec. 908. Temporary guardian of minor
Sec. 909. Procedure for court appointment of guardian of minor – notice – hearing – representation by attorney, lay advocate
Sec. 910. Powers and duties of guardian of minor
Sec. 911. Termination of appointment – how effected – certain liabilities and obligations not affected
Sec. 912. Procedure for resignation or removal – petition, notice, and hearing – representation by attorney
Sec. 913. Abuse and neglect proceedings – appointment of guardian – financial subsidies

Chapter 10. Emancipation

Sec. 1001. Requirements for emancipation
Sec. 1002. Petition
Sec. 1003. Consent of Parent(s), guardian, or custodian
Sec. 1004. Guardian ad litem
Sec. 1005. Power of Emancipated minor
Sec. 1006. Permanency of the emancipation