Title 17 - Highways

Chapter 1

Sec. 101.   Driving without a license
Sec. 102.   Permitting an unauthorized minor to drive
Sec. 103.   Driving with vehicle in unsafe condition
Sec. 104.   Starting, turning and stopping without regard to safety
Sec. 105.   Speeding
Sec. 105-A. Speeding – commercial motor vehicle
Sec. 106.   Reckless or careless driving
Sec. 106-A. Fleeing from or eluding law enforcement officer
Sec. 107.   Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
Sec. 107-A    Driving a motor vehicle by a person under 21 years of age with alcohol concentration of 0.02 or more.
Sec. 107-B    Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs - Aggravated.
Sec. 108.   Chemical blood, breath, or urine tests
Sec. 109.   Admissibility of evidence
Sec. 110.   Failure to drive on right side of roadway
Sec. 111.   Following too closely
Sec. 112.   Overtaking a vehicle without regard for safety
Sec. 113.   Failure to stop for school bus flashing lights
Sec. 114.   Failure to give right-of-way
Sec. 115.   Stopping, standing or parking on highway
Sec. 116.   Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism
Sec. 116-A.  Windshields required - unobstructed and equipped with wipers - window tinting and sunscreening.
Sec. 117.   Riding on fenders, bumpers, hoods, or other exterior parts of motor vehicles, and attachment to the exterior parts of motor vehicles
Sec. 118.   Pedestrians on roadways without regard for safety
Sec. 119.   Unlawful use of or tampering with a motor vehicle
Sec. 120.   Abandonment of motor vehicle
Sec. 121.   Driving in violation of an order of the Court
Sec. 122.   Emergency medical assistance
Sec. 123.   Duties in the event of accident
Sec. 124.   Law officers to report accidents
Sec. 125.   Traffic violations procedures
Sec. 126.   Notification of parents or guardians of juvenile traffic offenders
Sec. 127.   Penalties not otherwise prescribed
Sec. 128.   Right of appeal
Sec. 129.   Statute of limitations
Sec. 130.   Child restraint systems
Sec. 131.   Seat belt use required
Sec. 132.   Mandatory financial responsibility
Sec. 132-A.Mandatory vehicle license/registration 
Sec. 133.   Parking in restricted areas
Sec. 134.   Headgear required for minor motorcycle riders
Sec. 135. Lighting equipment
Sec. 136. Liens - motor vehicle towing and storage.
Sec. 137 - 138.   Reserved
Sec. 139.  Hand-held electronic communications device use prohibited.
Sec. 140.  Purpose
Sec. 141.  Maximum gross weight
Sec. 142.  Penalties