Title 14 - Health and Sanitation

Chapter 1. Disease Control

Sec. 101. Contagious disease

Chapter 2. Waste Disposal and Sewage Facilities

Sec. 201. Littering
Sec. 202. Waste disposal
Sec. 203. Sewage and other facilities
Sec. 204. Enforcement
Sec. 205. Severability

Chapter 3. Sanitation Requirements for Restaurants

Sec. 301. Definitions
Sec. 302. Sanitation requirements
Sec. 303. Permits
Sec. 304. Inspections
Sec. 305. Special provisions for itinerant restaurants
Sec. 306. Severability

Chapter 4. Fire Prevention

Sec. 401. Closing and posting of areas
Sec. 402. Persons prohibited
Sec. 403. Removal of unauthorized persons
Sec. 404. Campfires and smoking prohibited
Sec. 405. Controlled burning

Chapter 5. Dogs and Pets

Sec. 501. Applicability
Sec. 502. Licenses
Sec. 503. Vaccination
Sec. 504. Stray dogs
Sec. 504-A. Control of pets
Sec. 504-B. Limitations on dangerous animals
Sec. 504-C. Vicious dogs
Sec. 505. Quarantine
Sec. 506. Enforcement
Sec. 507. Severability
Sec. 508. Violations

Chapter 6. Tribal Board of Health

Sec. 601. Definitions
Sec. 602. Federal Funds - acceptance - allocation
Sec. 603. Tribal Board of Health - composition
Sec. 604. Legal Advisor
Sec. 605. Functions, Powers and Duties of the Tribal Board of Health
Sec. 606. Tribal Health Officer - powers and duties
Sec. 607. Tribal Health Officer - assistance of Tribal and Federal officials
Sec. 608. Cases of Communicable Disease - reports of physician or practitioners of the healing arts
Sec. 609. Vaccinations
Sec. 610. Diseased prisoners - removal from jail to medical Facility by the Tribal Health Officer
Sec. 611. Obstructing the Tribal Health Officer in the performance of his duties - unlawful
Sec. 612. Penalties
Sec. 613. Reporting of AIDS and HIV diagnoses
Sec. 614. Contact notification of HIV-infected persons

Chapter 7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sec. 701. Sexually transmitted diseases defined
Sec. 702. Powers and duties of department
Sec. 703. Rules of department binding
Sec. 704. Duty to report cases
Sec. 705. Powers and duties of health officers
Sec. 706. Examination and treatment of pris-oners
Sec. 707. Permissible release of information concerning infected persons
Sec. 708. Infected person not to expose an-other to sexually transmitted disease
Sec. 709. Violation a misdemeanor 

Chapter 8. Right of Disposition of Remains

Sec. 801. Purpose.
Sec. 802. Prepaid funeral arrangements - disposition directions - definition.
Sec. 803. Priority of rights of disposition.
Sec. 804. Arrangements provided by survivors.
Sec. 805. Loss of right of disposition.
Sec. 806. Disputes.
Sec. 807. Right to rely.
Sec. 808. Immunity.