Title 2 - Courts

Chapter 1. The Fort Peck Tribal Court

Sec. 101. Creation of the Court
Sec. 102. Composition of the Court
Sec. 102.1 Exercise of civil and criminal jurisdiction
Sec. 103. Records of the Court
Sec. 104. Rules of Court
Sec. 105. Services to Court by Tribal or Federal employees
Sec. 106. Criminal jurisdiction of the Court
Sec. 107. Civil jurisdiction of the Court
Sec. 108. Jurisdiction over persons outside Reservation
Sec. 109. Jurisdiction over suits commenced by Tribes
Sec. 110. Tribes immune from suit
Sec. 111. Suits against Tribal officials
Sec. 112. Jurisdiction over suits concerning ownership over trespassing livestock
Sec. 113. Review of administrative decisions

Chapter 2. Fort Peck Court of Appeals

Sec. 201. Creation of Court of Appeals
Sec. 202. Jurisdiction of Court of Appeals
Sec. 203. Composition of Court of Appeals
Sec. 204. Records of Court of Appeals
Sec. 205. Right of appeal
Sec. 206. Procedure on appeal of criminal cases
Sec. 207. Procedure on decision for review in civil cases
Sec. 208. Judgment against surety
Sec. 209. Record on appeal
Sec. 210. Briefs and memoranda
Sec. 211. Oral argument
Sec. 212. Separate docket for Court of Appeals

Chapter 3. Justices and Judges

Sec. 301. Qualifications
Sec. 302. Terms, appointment and election.
Sec. 302-A Special Appointments
Sec. 303. Appointment of judge following removal, death or resignation.
Sec. 304. Compensation and bond
Sec. 305. Oath of office
Sec. 306. Judicial Conduct Commission
Sec. 307. Disqualification
Sec. 308. Duties of lawyer judge

Chapter 4. Court Administration

Sec. 401. Office of Clerk
Sec. 402. Qualifications
Sec. 403. Duties
Sec. 404. Tribal Court Administrator
Sec. 405. Qualifications
Sec. 406. Compensation and bond
Sec. 407. Oath of office
Sec. 408. Duties
Sec. 409. Termination of services
Sec. 410. Court complaint procedure

Chapter 5. Attorneys and Lay Counselors

Sec. 501. Qualifications for admissions as attorney or lay counselor
Sec. 502. Roll of attorneys and lay counselors
Sec. 503. Right to counsel
Sec. 504. Disbarment
Sec. 505. Members of the Tribal Executive Board shall not practice as attorneys or lay counselors or attempt to influence Tribal Court decisions

Chapter 6. Tribal Court Prosecutor and Public Defender

Sec. 601. Office of tribal court prosecutor
Sec. 602. Qualifications
Sec. 603. Appointment and compensation
Sec. 604. Oath of office
Sec. 605. Term of office
Sec. 606. Duties
Sec. 607. Termination of services of tribal court prosecutor
Sec. 608. Office of tribal public defender
Sec. 609. Qualifications
Sec. 610. Compensation
Sec. 611. Oath of office
Sec. 612. Term of office
Sec. 613. Duties and Policy Guidelines
Sec. 614. Termination of services of tribal public defender