Title 3 - Government Organization

Chapter 1. Assiniboine and Sioux Tribal Flag

Sec. 101. The Assiniboine and Sioux Tribal Flag
Sec. 102. Display of the flag
Sec. 103. Manner of display
Sec. 104. Proper methods of handling, storage and destruction
Sec. 105. Desecration of the Tribal Flag

Chapter 2. Police and Law Enforcement

Sec. 201. Superintendent to command Reservation police
Sec. 202. Duties of commander of Reservation police
Sec. 203. Police commissioners
Sec. 204. Police training
Sec. 205. Appointment and qualifications of Reservation police
Sec. 206. Duties of Reservation police
Sec. 207. Procedures for discipline and dismissal
Sec. 208. State and local law enforcement officials authorized to make arrests

Chapter 3. Tribal Jail

Sec. 301. Duties of the Chief Jailer and jailers
Sec. 302. Procedures upon arrival of new prisoners
Sec. 303. Prisoners to be kept in cells
Sec. 304. Property permitted in the jail
Sec. 305. Meals
Sec. 306. Work details
Sec. 307. Visitors and phone calls
Sec. 308. Medical care for prisoners
Sec. 309. Women's cell block
Sec. 310. Release

Chapter 4. Extradition

Sec. 401. Definitions
Sec. 402. Tribal Court to issue warrant
Sec. 403. Notice of hearing; waiver of hearing
Sec. 404. Accused may be admitted to bail conditions of bond
Sec. 405. Issues for determination
Sec. 406. Entry of judgment

Chapter 5. Parks

Sec. 501. Closing times
Sec. 502. Consumption of liquor

Chapter 6. Relationships with Other Governments

Sec. 601. Consultation with governmental entities

Chapter 7. Exclusion from the Fort Peck Reservation

Sec. 701. Grounds for Exclusion
Sec. 702. Initiation of Exclusion Proceedings
Sec. 703. Notices
Sec. 704. Hearing on Charges
Sec. 705. Content of Exclusion Order
Sec. 706. Revocation of Exclusion Orders
Sec. 707. Procedures for entering Reservation for exclusion, revocation or Tribal Court hearing.