Title 27 - Licensing and Regulation of Bingo and other Games of Chance


Chapter 1. Findings

Sec. 101. The Tribal Executive Board finds

Chapter 2. Definitions

Sec. 201. Class 1 gaming.
Sec. 202. Class 2 gaming.
Sec. 203. Class 3 gaming
Sec. 204. Traditional forms of Indian gaming.
Sec. 205. Social games for prizes of minimal value.
Sec. 206. Tribal subdivision.
Sec. 207. Net revenues.
Sec. 208. Primary management official.
Sec. 209. Bingo machine
Sec. 210. Draw poker machine
Sec. 211. Keno machine
Sec. 212. Simulcast racing
Sec. 213. Lottery games
Sec. 214. Key employee

Chapter 3. Class 1 Gaming

Sec. 301. Regulation of Class 1 gaming.

Chapter 4. Licensing Class 2 and Class 3 Gaming

Sec. 401. Regulation of Class 2 and Class 3 gaming.
Sec. 402. Repealed.
Sec. 403. Status as a tribal subdivision.
Sec. 404. Licenses for Class 2 gaming activities.
Sec. 405. License fees and duration of license.
Sec. 406. Hearing on application for a license.
Sec. 407. Conditions of the tribal license.
Sec. 408. Assignment or transfer.
Sec. 409. Denial, cancellation and suspension.
Sec. 410. Uses of net revenues of gaming activities.
Sec. 411. Annual outside audit.
Sec. 412. Reports to the Tribes.
Sec. 413. Licensing for Key Employees and Primary Management Officials.
Sec. 414. Raffles.
Sec. 415. Criminal penalties.
Sec. 416. Protection of the Environment and Public Health and Safety

Chapter 5. Class 3 Gaming

Sec. 501. Permitted Class 3 games
Sec. 502. Conditions of Class 3 games
Sec. 503. Special conditions on simulcast racing
Sec. 503-A. Special conditions on lottery games
Sec. 504. Special conditions for bingo, draw Poker and Keno machines
Sec. 505. Management contracts
Sec. 506. Criminal penalties

Chapter 6. Self-Regulation of Gaming Activities

Sec. 601. Petition for certification of self-regulation
Sec. 602. Waiver of tribal requirements based on certification of self-regulation

Chapter 7. National Indian Gaming Commission

Sec. 701. Authority of the Commission
Sec. 702. Failure to cooperate with the Commission
Sec. 703. Commission regulations and guidelines superseding this