Title 25 - Foreclosure of Mortgages and Liens on Real Estate

Chapter 1.

Sec. 101. Jurisdiction
Sec. 102. Definitions
Sec. 103. Scope
Sec. 104. Recording
Sec. 105. Proceedings in Tribal Court
Sec. 106. The hearing and judgement on the foreclosure complaint
Sec. 107. Judgement of the Court
Sec. 108. Foreclosure sales
Sec. 109 Deficiency judgement
Sec. 110. Right of redemption
Sec. 111. Non HUD mortgagor’s possession of lands during the period of redemption
Sec. 112. Cure of default
Sec. 113 Foreclosure evictions
Sec. 114. No merger of estates
Sec. 115. Intervention