Title 19 - Game and Fish Management

Chapter 1. Scope and Application

Sec. 101. Application
Sec. 102. Fort Peck Game and Fish Commission

Chapter 2. Permits

Sec. 201. Hunting, fishing or trapping without permits prohibited
Sec. 202. Persons eligible for permits
Sec. 203. Special permits, hunting and birding permits, and specific stamps
Sec. 204. Distribution of permits and stamps: accounting for fees and stubs
Sec. 205. Failure to turn money over
Sec. 206. Supervisor to file license stubs
Sec. 207. Contents of permits
Sec. 208. False oath or statement on permit application
Sec. 209. Alteration, transfer or improper use of permit
Sec. 210. Permit to be in possession while hunting, fishing or trapping

Chapter 3. Limits and Seasons

Sec. 301. Seasons
Sec. 302. Limits
Sec. 303. Applicability to tribal members

Chapter 4. Restrictions on Hunting

Sec. 401. Hunters to wear fluorescent orange outer garment
Sec. 402. Hours for hunting wildlife
Sec. 403. Use of snow machines prohibited
Sec. 404. Hunting and harassing game from aircraft prohibited
Sec. 405. Spotlighting prohibited
Sec. 406. Hunting with firearms while intoxicated or under the influence of liquor prohibited
Sec. 407. Hunting near occupied building(s) without permission prohibited
Sec. 408. Hunting for remuneration prohibited
Sec. 409. Unlawful possession of game prohibited
Sec. 410. Possession or control of game, birds, or animals prima facie evidence of unlawful activity
Sec. 411. Aiding in concealment of game unlawfully taken or possessed prohibited
Sec. 412. Fence gates to be closed; destruction of property
Sec. 413. Waste of game animal, game bird, or game fish
Sec. 414. Unlawful shooting of buffalo
Sec. 415. Buying and selling of antlers prohibited.

Chapter 5. Restrictions on Fishing

Sec. 501. Illegal methods for taken fish
Sec. 502. Commercial sale of fish prohibited
Sec. 503. Unlawful possession of fish prohibited
Sec. 504. Possession of fish prima facie evidence of unlawful activity
Sec. 505. Aiding in concealment of fish unlawfully taken or possessed prohibited

Chapter 6. Remedies for Destruction of Property by Hunter, Fisherman, or Trapper

Sec. 601 Remedy for destruction of property of landowner

Chapter 7. Administration and Enforcement

Sec. 701. Commission may prescribe regulations
Sec. 702. Violations of the Chapter
Sec. 703. Confiscation of fish, game and firearms
Sec. 704. Unlawful game or fish mixed with legal
Sec. 705. Confiscated property may be sold
Sec. 706. Proceeds from sale of confiscated property
Sec. 707. Perishable confiscated property