Training Opportunity

The Tribal Trial Advocacy Skills Training will focus on trial

skills needed to effectively prosecute criminal cases. Specifically, this training will focus on

special trial skills needed to properly prosecute illegal narcotics cases and associated violent

crime acts. The goal is to provide an opportunity for Tribal Prosecutors to work in small groups

in a simulated court room environment and to learn best practices by honing in on trial skills

through performance and constructive feedback from the training staff.

·This proposed training will encompass 3 days and will take place on May 7th 2019, to May 9th,

2019. The location will be in Billings, Montana. The purpose of the training will be to provide trial skills training though a

"learning-by-doing" teaching method, which includes lectures and demonstrations from training

staff, but provides each participant with hands-on experience and practice sessions. This training

demands quite a bit from each participant, and is an intensive education, which not only provides

the participants with a greater degree of confidence, but exposes the participants to "best

practices" for introduction of evidence, creating a trial record which can withstand a habeas

appeal, among other things. The end result is to improve the effective prosecution of cases

involving illegal narcotics ( opioids) and violent crime and enhance tribal justice systems and

Tribal Courts of Indian Offenses as mandated by 25 U.S.C. 3611 (c) (1) (2) and (6).

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