Appellate Opinions: 501-600


501Richland Federal Credit Union-vs-Clyde Perry

502Jeannette Lorraine Youpee-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

503Brockton/Riverside Community-vs-Leroy Boyd SR., Toni Greybull, Russell Kirn, Elaine Boyd, Rae Jean Belgarde, Thomas Brown, and Does 1-115

504Dale Rowe-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

505Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Robert Montclair

506Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Cetanzi Nation

507In Re The Custody Of P.J.A. d.o.b. 7/23/2002

508Kristoffer Fourstar-vs-Jewel Payne

509Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-Sylvester Big Leggins

510Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-Johnna Spotted Wolf

511Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-Nadine Adams

512Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Abrienne Demarrias

513Felicia M. Jones-vs-Morning S. Wise Spirit

514Myrna First, Agnes Ward, and Linda Comes Last-vs-David E. Boyd

515Todd Bauer and Patricia Bauer-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

516Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-Brooke Lilley


518Cerafin John Morales, Jr.-vs-Jo-Lin Osceola

519Dee Anne Reddog-vs-Ida Crow Feather

520Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Tim Todd

521Clint Casterline-vs-Lucille Holen

522Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Lonnie Headress, Jr.,

523Robert Magnan-vs-Richard & Lucille Holen


525D. S., A Minor Child, Fort Peck Tribes-vs-P.J.

526Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Lafaye Lizotte


528Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Billy Joel Escarcega

529Donna Timm Trottier-vs-Lanette Trottier and Andrew Hollom, Sr.


531Lee A. Raffaell-vs-Karen Hamilton-Lizotte

532Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Malissa Comes Last

533Rose Wise-vs-Eddie Crowe

534Myrna First-vs-Fort Peck Tribal Court and Freedom Crawford

535Kyleen Bull Chief-vs-Alfred Iron Bear

536Carmen Welch, Simon Follet, Misty Dawn King, Curtis Bird Hat, Candice Bird Hat, and Estate of Sloan Follet, Deceased Tribal Member-vs-Marvin Presser

537M.J. and T.J.-vs-Vernelle Red Eagle

538Victor Grant-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

539Bonnie Red Elk, DBA Fort Peck Journal-vs-Chief Judge Richard Jackson, Fort Peck Tribal Court

540Elmer Adams, Jr.-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

541Gloria Lee Abbott-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

542Verdis Grey Bull-vs-Jennifer Missy Bearcub

543Dallas Eagle Boy, ET AL.-vs-Greg and Billie Norgaard

544William "Bill" Smith-vs-Carlyle Garsjo

545K.B. Minor Indian Child, Llewellyn Brown-vs-Andreona Corona

546Domonique G. Stone-vs-Karma M. Stone

547Elizabeth Cordell Decoteau-vs-Erik Sean Johannessen and Chief Judge Richard Jackson

548Jewel Payne-vs-Kristofer Fourstar

549Robert Low Dog-vs-Kaycee Brown

550Russell Barr-vs-Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes

551Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Marty Lone Bear

552Trevor Birdsbill-v-Fort Peck Tribes


554Jerry Rosebluff-vs-Judge Danna Runsabove and Lawrence Red Eagle

555Jo-Lin Osceola-vs-Fort Peck Tribal Court and The Honorable Barry Bighorn, Sr.

556Brandon Neal-vs-Patricia Neal

557Kara Red Dog-vs-Fort Peck Tribes


559Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Llewellyn Spotted Bird

560Walter I. Clark & Pauline Escarcega-vs-Danna Runsabove

561Jewell Payne-vs-Kristofer Fourstar

562Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Lewis P. Magnan

563In the Matter Of, A.V.B.M., A Minor Child; Keith Red Elk-vs-Laura McBride

564Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Michael Headdress

565Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Raymond Brown

566T.M., A Minor Indian Child, John Morales-vs-Jo-Lin Osceola

567Dion Hopkins-vs-DeAnne Youngman



570Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Bernetta Walking Eagle


572Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Karl Eder

573Winona Runsabove King-vs-Michael D. King II

574Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Malaciah Daniels


576Russell Boxer, Sr.-vs-Claytina Whiteman

577Linda Iron Cloud-vs-Silver Wolf Casino; Alvin Littlehead, Acting Manager

578In the Matter of the Adoption of: R.A.M. A minor Indian Child of Fort Peck Tribes

579Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Karl Eder

580Ronetta Clark-vs-Fort Peck Tribal Housing Authority

581Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Karl Eder

582Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Orlando Barrera

583Winona Runsabove-King-vs-The Honorable Richard Jackson


585Merrilee Belt-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

586Lucille Holen-vs-Robert Magnan

587In the Matter of: R.B. A minor Indian Child of Fort Peck Tribes

588Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Forrest Smith

589Del and Kaydel Stiles-vs-Merilee Belt

590Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Craig Azure

591Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Darcy Boyd

592Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Tia Garrison


594Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Calvin First Jr.

595Matthew Scott and Mary Ann Comeslast-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

596Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Wyatt Montclair

597Fort Peck Tribes-vs-John Fowler

598In the Matter of: L.R.E. minor Indian child, M.R.E minor Indian child, Merrilee Belt-vs-Fort Peck Tribal Courts and Deloris Kirn-Red Eagle, Del and Kaaydel Stiles

599 TIMOTHY TODD-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

600In the Matter of: C.R.E minor Indian child-vs-Fort Peck Tribal Courts