Appellate Opinions: 401-500



401Marci Charbonneau vs William Falls Down Sr.

402Linda J. Connor vs Lawrence H. Connor



405Atkinson vs Northwestern National Insurance Company

406In The Matter of the Guardianship of Emily S. Day

407Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes vs Crystal Bighorn

408In the Matter of I.J.B.

409In the Matter of B.F. and D.F.

410Bernadette Jackson vs Cory James Snell

411Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes vs Judy Red Boy

412Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes vs Michelle Porras

413Sunrise Lumber vs Mary Lou Azure

414Poplar Housing Authority vs Joni McClammy

415In the Matter of the Custody of C. A. G. (d.o.b. 11/05/99)

416In re: the Matter of the Estate of Daniel Martell Sr

417In re: the Matter of L. H. (d.o.b. 11/11/92)

418Douglas Garfield -vs-Sherman Motor Inn

419In re: the Matter of B. R. Y. (d.o.b. 5/06/93)

420In re: the Matter of L. T. (dob 5/20/87)

421In re: the Matter of C. M. (dob 5/3/86)

422In re: the Matter of M. F. H. (dob 5/20/91)

423Desserae Stormy and Maizie Ogle vs Sterling Red Eagle Sr.

424In re: the Matter of D. S. B. (dob 4/2/02)

425George Ricker, Jr-vs- Lanette Trottier








433Independence Bank-vs-Bell, Bell Enterprises and McGechick

434Don and Alene Sharp-vs-Herman Red Elk

435Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Kerri Comes Last


437In re: the Matter of the Suspension of Leighton E. Reum, Lay Counselor

438Tribes-vs-Red Boy

439Gourneau-vs-Long Hair

440Vondall-vs-White Bear Vondall


442In re: the Matter of A.H., a minor child

443In re: the Matter of Earlwin S. Savior, a deceased tribal member

444In re: the Matter of A.R.E.(d.o.b. 08/14/04)

445In re: the Matter of R.B. (d.o.b. 04/07/1995)


447O'Brien-vs-Eagle Star



449bAtkinson-vs-Boyd (final reconsideration)

450Tribes-vs-Red Eagle

451In re: the Matter of A.R.A.(d.o.b. 08/11/1999)

452Ken Lansrud & Mr. Wire-vs-KB Construction & Kermit Boyd

453Daniel Martell, SR.-vs-William Martel, SR.


455Tonetta Martell-vs-Ramiro T. Solano, Sr.

456Red Elk-vs-Morales




460Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Crowe


462Lawrence Fast Horse Sr.-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

463In re: the Matter of S.D.F. (d.o.b. 11/26/02)

464Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Elmer S. & Deloris Red Eagle


466In re: The Matter Of The Custody Of T.J.C. (dob: 06/19/96)

467Tribes-vs-Calvin "Bear" First, Jr.

468In re: the Matter of K.E.D. (d.o.b. 06/24/1996)

469Corrine Yellow Owl-vs-Mike Yellow Owl

470Independance Bank-vs-Bell Enterprises and Patricia McGeshick

471Linda Comeslast-vs-David Boyd


473Janel Burshia-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

474Carol Low Dog-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

475Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Adelbert Lone Bear

476Mercedes Adams-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

477Bruce L. Damon, SR.-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

478In re: The Matter Of The Custody Of K.M.C. (dob:04/20/04)

479Nadine Adams-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

480Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Roberta Boyd

481Todd Bauer and Patty Bauer-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

482Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Alyssa Firemoon

483In The Matter Of, M.E. Jr., dob.: 09/28/04 and R.E., d.o.b.: 10/31/05

484Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Betty White


486Dale King-vs-Fort Peck Tribes

487Michelle Radue-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

488Robert Boone Azure-vs-Matthew Azure

489Judy Red Boy-vs-Rebecca Douglas/ Latoya Bernard, and family

490John Morales Jr.-vs-Jason Trinder

491Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Jeremy Adams

492Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Dale Rowe

493Tonya Thomas-vs-Ray Thomas

494Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux Council of the Assiniboine Tribes Of The Fort Peck Indian Reservation-vs-First Community Bank, Linsco Private Ledger, Myrna First, Linda Comes Last, Agnes Ward, Gina Bear Fighter, and Does 1-10

495In The Matter Of C.M.A., dob:06/13/1994

496In The Matter Of I.K.O.

497Fort Peck Tribes-vs-Dale Decoteau

498Independence Bank-vs-Jeromy Christianson

499Denver Atkinson, SR. and Rose Atkinson-vs-Roberta Boyd

500Fort Peck Tribes-vs-T.M.