Appellate Opinions: 101-200


101Tribes-vs-Harold Grey Bull

102Tribes-vs-Steven Douglas

103In the Matter of V. R. E. Jr., minor child (WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS)

104Calvin First-vs-Fort Peck Tribes/Judge Terry Boyd

105In the Matter of B. L., a minor child

106Tribes-vs-Victor and Patty Grant


108Tribes-vs-Paul Smith

109Gerald Jackson-vs-Elizabeth Jackson

110Econo Lumber-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

111Stensland and Sons Construction-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

112Bruce Bauer-vs-Karen Kohl Bauer

113In the Matter of the Custody of T. L. P., a minor child

114Daniel Schauer-vs-Roxanne Gourneau

115Tribes-vs-C.S., minor child

116In the Matter of the Custody of C. L. D., a minor child

117Clayton Girardin-vs-Joe Day

118Sunrise Lumber-vs-Gerald Johnson

118Sunrise Lumber-vs-Gerald Johnson--Revised Opinion and Order

119Levi Olson-vs-Howard Bemer

120Tribes-vs-Wendell Martell

121Lonnie Steele-vs-O.M. Equipment

122In the Matter of Wanda Smith, Extradition

123In the Matter of Russell Red Elk, Involuntary Commitment

124Tribes-vs-Leslie Adams

125In the Matter of Bauer Children, minor children

126Tribes-vs-E.K., a minor child

127Tribes-vs-Harvey Red Eagle

128Hanekrat, Cook-vs-Clampitt, Porter, Miller

129Tribes-vs-Jesse Martell

130In the Matter of the Estate of Edwin Lawrence

131Tribes-vs-Allison Russell

132Garvey-vs-Joan Clampitt, Jack Porter, Marguerite Miller

133Boyd Brothers-vs-Traders State Bank

134Christine Youngman-vs-Lawrence Youngman

135Dusty Menz-vs-Phyllis Sells

136Myrna Boyd Youngman-vs-James Boyd, Wayne Boyd

137In the Matter of the Custody of A. D. R., a minor child

138Bruce Bauer-vs-Karen Bauer, Catherine Kohl

139Sunrise Lumber-vs-Robert War Club

140Richard Courchene-vs-Phyllis Sells

141Milo and Winifred Grey Bull-vs-Joni McClammy

142In the Matter of Zelda Grant

143In the Matter of C.M.Y., a minor child

144Larry Martin-vs-Poplar Community Organization

145National Collection Service-vs-Virginia Adams

145National Collection Service-vs-Virginia Adams--Dissenting Opinion

146Sunrise Lumber-vs-Gerald Johnson

147In the Matter of Jonelle Menz, Extradition

148Tribes-vs-Joseph Jones

149Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-Levi & Margaret Olson

150Tribes-vs-Melvin Dennis Scott

151Tribes-vs-John and Cheryl Doney

152In the Matter of C.F., a minor child

153In the Matter of Wanda Lee Smith, Extradition

154High Plains Motors-vs-Melvin Flynn Jr.

155Tribes-vs-Rhea Red Dog

156Tribes-vs-John Big Leggins

157In the Matter of T. O., a minor child

158In the Matter of A.N.C., a minor child

159In the Matter of M.Y., a minor child

160Myrna Boyd-vs-Margaret Brown, Phillip Chambers

161Tribes-vs-Austin Barr, Writ of Habeas Corpus

162Calvin Red Thunder-vs-Allen Boyd

163Bernita Chapman-vs-Dean Big Horn

164Tribes-vs-Austin Barr

165Gerald Johnson-vs-Sunrise Lumber

166Tribes-vs-Dana Buckles

167Kenneth Martin Jr.-vs-Theresa Lujan

168Georgia and Dorrance Steele-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

169Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-Myron and Thomasyna Red Eagle

170Tribes-vs-Georgia Steele

171In the Matter of A.D.R., a minor child

172Tribes-vs-Austin Barr

173Tribes-vs-Raymond Dupree

174Carole Ann Smith-vs-Duane Timothy Smith

175Nesbit/Azure-vs-Michael Azure

176Tribes-vs-Wayne Weeks

177Tribes-vs-Donna Lindsay

178Tribes-vs-Daniel Lambert

179Econo Lumber-vs-Fort Peck Housing Authority

180Tribes-vs-Dana Mireau

181John Todd McClammy & Will James McClammy-vs-Russell Kirn

182In the Matter of Krystle Brown, a minor child

183Tribes-vs-Marlene Granbois

184Robert Red Eagle-vs-Gerald and Debra Johnson

185Tribes-vs-Charles David Hunkapillar

186Traders State Bank-vs-Alda Small

187In the Matter of Mary L. Zemyan

188Cenex Credit Cards-vs-Boyd Brothers Trucking

189Tribes-vs-Iris Andersen and Wallis Schaeffer

190Dana Buckles-vs-Vina Smith Buckles

191Zacharias Transport-vs-Orrian Denny

192Tribes-vs-Agnes "Sissy" Buckles

193Tribes-vs-Daniel Bear

194Adolph Bell Jr.-vs-Lorraine Adams Bell

195Tribes-vs-Terrance Dozelik

196Elmer Clark-vs-New Medico Associates

197In the Matter of the Estate of Florence Mae King, Decedent

198Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-Fred and Iris Allrunner

199Fort Peck Housing Authority-vs-George and Beverly Walking Eagle

200Anthony Ferguson-vs-Poplar Community Hospital