Fort Peck Tribal Court


Filing fee waivers will not be allowed. A person who is filing a petition will be required to pay the filing fee at the time of filing. If a filing fee cannot be paid, the petition will not be filed.

For the purpose of eliminating ex parte discussions and so forth, the Clerk of Court's office will determine if a waiver should be allowed by:

Requiring an Indigency Questionnaire to be filled out. Upon verifying the information, if it is determined that a wavier should be allowed, the Clerk will prepare an Order on Inability to pay filing fees for a Judge to sign. Waivers will be automatically granted for:

1. By Tribal Resolution, persons filing TRO' s through the assistance of the Crisis Center will be granted a waiver.
2. Elderly.

Civil Complaint $25.00
Family Court Petition   $25.00
Child Support   $25.00
Adoption  $100.00
Paternity  $25.00
Divorce  $75.00
Marriage License  $30.00
Guardianship  $25.00
Probate  $25.00
Name Change  $25.00
Temporary Restraining Order  $25.00
Involuntary Commital  $25.00
All Other Civil Filings  $25.00
Appeals  $50.00
Publication Fees   $60.00
Process of Service  $25.00
Withdrawal Fee   $25.00
Background/Record Check  $10.00
Faxes/Per Page  $1.00
Copies/Per Page  $1.00
Certified Copy   $5.00
Notary Fees  $5.00
Bar Exam Application Fee   $75.00
License to Practice (Annual Fee)  $100.00

Approved per Tribal Resolution #979-2006-09, dated 9/25/2006; Effictive Date: October 1, 2006.